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MoCCA Hangover.

Wow. Just Wow. Having managed to survive my first convention ever, let me say, it was both an ordeal and a great experience. There were so many amazing artists crammed into that cavernous, sweltering, former munitions depot where they film CSI-NY. Any money that I made (very little) and more was spent purchasing artness for my once barren walls. I am new to this convention thing, and so was slow to pick up on the concept of "the trade." As I was scrambling to get materials together for the show, I spent too much on printing costs to make me feel comfortable with trading away my books....next year I plan to come armed with much material, and much for trades...as there were so many trades that I just couldn't pass up!

I met a ton of new people. Unfortunately, I can only remember a few names, and was remiss in obtaining LJ account names. I did gank a few off of nervousystem's list...hopefully I'll be able to find everyone else eventually.

It was hot, it was exhausting, and it was overwhelming. I can't wait for next year.

Order up!

Yes, I have an obsession with cupcakes, but I swear this is the last one for a while!

Continuing with the food theme

The seecret comic-ing continues in preperation for MoCCA, so in the meantime I continue to produce neat little spot illustrations for your consumption. I think I may have an unnatural obsession with cupcakes....or it may be a completely natural obsession...mmm cupcakes.....

Lunch Time!

I'm trying these new, one page comics to help me loosen up. It also give me something that is an uploadable, showable, finished product, relatively quickly. So, while I'm still pounding away at the big projects, enjoy my first finished one page comic!

Everyone needs to relax!

Another sketchdoodle to whet your appetite. I've been working like a madperson on art, unfortunately none of it is internet material.

Ok Back to work!

Coffee and Art!

Still working on all sorts of arts. Comic books and sketches, Postcards and doodles. Anyone out there ever written a Query letter? All I can find are examples for writers. I am not a writer. I need examples for ARTISTS!!! Sadness.

In the meantime, a finished sketchdoodle!


There are many doodles waiting to be finished on my computer now! I must get working! Deadlines are fast approaching and I have much to finish.


Look Ma I made a background!

Woo! Update-y!

Ok, so I've been horribly delinquent in updating here. I promise to do better. In fact, I've got art for you!

This cute little guy is also available on t-shirts ov-ah at my cafepress store: www.cafepress.com/MNew
More later, promise!

So one of the scenes in the comic I'm working on is set in an amusement park, and relates to a ride that I remember fondly. The Gyrosphere at Seabreeze Amusement park. While searching for reference photos of that stretch of the boardwalk, I discovered two very sad things. First of all, there are virtually NO images of the outside of the Gyrosphere. Second, and even more sad, <a href="http://javaliterally.blogspot.com/2008/05/gyrosphere-is-gone.html">The Gyrosphere is gone</a>. Even sadder is that it was replaced with a cookie cutter ride that is in practically every other amusement park in the country. BOO on you Seabreeze. You've ruined my ability to relive teenage memories! Boo!

So in desperation I'm turning to all of you, does <b>anyone</b> know where I can get images of the outside of the Gyrosphere? I'm even willing to compensate Rochester Locals for a trip to the downtown library for scans from their amazing image library. I'm desperate here folks!

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